Washington, D.C. -- Today, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY-21) cosponsored the Pay Our Protectors Not Our Politicians Act -- legislation that would require the military and individuals performing national security activities within the Department of Homeland Security continue to receive pay—and prohibit Members of Congress from receiving a paycheck— during a government shutdown. It also would ensure that death benefits are paid to troops’ families who fall in the line of duty.

“I oppose government shutdowns and urge Senate Democrats to end this shutdown immediately,” said Congresswoman Stefanik. “In the meantime, it is unacceptable to allow our troops and national security personnel to forego their pay while those in the Senate responsible for this shutdown receive theirs. I have asked for my pay to be withheld until this shutdown ends and urge my colleagues to put support this important bill to ensure our heroes receive their pay.”

Under current law, if the government shuts down active-duty troops and other personnel essential for national security would be required to show up for duty, but they would not get paid. Payments for death benefits to families of military members killed in the line of duty would also not be allowed to be made until the shutdown came to an end.

Text of this legislation is attached.

Last night, Senate Democrats blocked a bill that would have kept the government open and funded. Click here for Congresswoman Stefanik’s full statement on the shutdown.