Washington, D.C. – On November 21, 2019, Defense Logistics Agency announced that it will no longer seek to renegotiate its contract with ReEnergy. ReEnergy is a 60-megawatt facility that generates 422,000 megawatt hours per year and is located on Fort Drum, providing the installation with 100% energy independence. DLA awarded a 20-year contract to Fort Drum in 2014 and the installation will continue to be a leader in alternative energy efficiency through the mid-2030s.

“DOD’s use of alternative energy strengthens their ability to conduct combat operations, humanitarian response and protects our national security,” said Congresswoman Stefanik. “Fort Drum not only plays a critical role in national defense with its rapid deployment capability, it also continues to be a leader in pursuing energy solutions that enhance national security, training capabilities and operational flexibility. I am proud to represent Fort Drum and I am pleased that Fort Drum will continue to be 100% energy independent and self-sustainable.”