Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Elise Stefanik has sent a bipartisan letter to President Trump supporting Governor Cuomo’s request for a major disaster declaration for parts of Upstate New York after the devastating Halloween storm, which affected Essex, Fulton, Hamilton, Herkimer, Jefferson, Lewis, Saratoga, and Warren Counties. This comes after Congresswoman Stefanik worked with state and local officials to push for a joint Preliminary Damage Assessment from FEMA to assess the damage caused and funding needed to rebuild.

“The destruction caused by the Halloween storm to communities in my district was devastating, and even caused the tragic death of Father John Connery of Glenville,” said Congresswoman Stefanik. “I am strongly supportive of Governor Cuomo’s request to the President for a major disaster declaration. Following my push for a joint Preliminary Damage Assessment, it has been determined that our region needs federal support due to the magnitude of the damage caused by the storms. I will continue working to deliver this critical result for our community, and I’m grateful to the state and local officials who worked alongside me to ensure our region will receive the necessary funding in order to rebuild.”

“Elise Stefanik responded quickly to assist local communities after the Halloween 2019 storms that ravaged Upstate,” said Jack Wilson, Chairman of the Fulton County Board of Supervisors. “Several areas of Fulton County were hit hard and those municipalities are making necessary repairs and restorations. Elise is working with the Governor to ensure that federal aid is approved and we appreciate their efforts.”

“We are grateful to Congresswoman Elise Stefanik for her work to obtain federal funding for Saratoga County and other affected areas of Upstate New York following the devastating storms on Halloween,” said Kevin Tollisen, Chair of the Saratoga County Board of Supervisors. “We are optimistic that federal aid will come as a result of FEMA’s damage assessment, and thank Congresswoman Stefanik for her diligence in getting this result for our communities in Saratoga County.”

“The County of Warren sustained significant damage in the October 31st storm, particularly to our critical transportation infrastructure,” said Ronald Conover, Chair of the Warren County Board of Supervisors. “Repairs are ongoing and will reach into the millions of dollars, which represents a massive burden on our already strained taxpayers in the absence of federal assistance. We are hopeful that President Trump will look favorably upon this request and would like to thank the men and women of the Federal Emergency Management Agency as well as the many state agencies that have helped thus far in the recovery effort.”

"Hamilton County and several of our Towns suffered horrific devastation from the Halloween Storm,” said William Farber, Chairman of the Hamilton County Board of Supervisors. “We are all very grateful for the diligence of Congresswoman Elise Stefanik and Governor Andrew Cuomo in their efforts to assist with our restoration work. Critical to these restorations is a major disaster declaration and the necessary FEMA dollars to make this recovery possible.”

“Lewis county is very appreciative of Congresswoman Stefanik's recognition and rapid response to the damage Lewis County incurred with the October 31 disaster,” said Larry Dolhof, Chair of the Lewis County Board of Legislators. “We are truly grateful for the open communication which our mutual offices share.”

“I support Governor Cuomo and Congresswoman Stefanik’s effort to request disaster relief from the federal government,” said Scott Gray, Chairman of the Jefferson County Board of Legislators. “Our waterfront communities continue to endure damage from wind and water conditions which has been costly for local businesses, home owners and government and assistance from the federal government would be welcomed.

"Essex County is extraordinarily appreciative for US Representative Stefanik's steadfast support in bringing federal resources to bear in the recovery efforts from the Halloween rain and flood event that caused extensive damage to Essex County and the counties of the North Country,” said Shaun Gillilland, Willsboro Town Supervisor and Chairman of the Essex County Board of Supervisors. “Congresswoman Stefanik's efforts have been timely, dedicated, and responsive to the needs of her constituents. Essex County is proud to partner with her and her staff in serving the emergency needs of our citizens."

“The Village of Dolgeville in Herkimer County suffered tremendous damage from the flooding on October 31st,” said Mary Puznowski, Mayor of Dolgeville. “I am very appreciative of Congresswoman Stefanik’s efforts to bring FEMA in to assess the damage caused – a critical step in obtaining federal aid to rebuild Dolgeville. The residents of the Village have been digging deep in their pockets during this season of giving to help their neighbors in need. I will continue to work with Congresswoman Stefanik and state and local officials to ensure we have the resources necessary to recover and rebuild our community.”