Washington, D.C. – Today, Congresswoman Stefanik announced Lake Champlain Basin Program grants awarded to projects in our region to ensure the future of the Lake Champlain watershed remains intact. Congresswoman Stefanik was the lead Republican who worked to secure support for this funding in the House Appropriations process. She was able to nearly double the amount secured. 

The organizations and communities in New York that received funding are as follows:

  • Lake George Association - $86,227 for I-87 Asphalt Swale Replacement & Ditch Improvements
  • Lake George Association - $18,446 for Installation of Precast Pervious Concrete in the Village of Lake George
  • Ausable River Association - $12,285 for Developing a Riparian Restoration Protocol for the Ausable Watershed
  • Town of Keene - $7,316 for Road Salt Reduction Program
  • Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District - $19,995 for Quaker Road MS4 Stormwater and Habitat Improvement Project

“Congratulations to each of the New York communities that received grant money from the Lake Champlain Basin Program,” said Congresswoman Stefanik. “This funding gives communities the ability to research, protect, and maintain the Lake Champlain watershed, and is vital to its future. I was one of the two leading voices in Congress to ensure support for this critical funding, and I’m proud to advocate for the environmental interests of the North Country at every opportunity I can.”

This grant money is supported with funds provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Great Lakes Fishery Commission, and National Park Service. To read more about the Lake Champlain Basin Program, click here