Washington, D.C. – Yesterday, Congresswoman Stefanik led the bipartisan Dignity in Aging Act, a reauthorization of the Older Americans Act, as it advanced through the Education and Labor Committee. The bill improves the delivery of services so aging Americans can remain in their communities, while including the critical enhancements from three pieces of legislation she introduced this Congress.

  • The Supporting Family Caregivers Act encourages the use of individual assessments to identify the needs of family caregivers and allow services to be targeted more effectively to aging individuals. This more person- and family-centered approach to care will ensure that both caregivers and those who require assistance in our district are provided with adequate services to ensure the best possible health outcomes.
  • The Younger Onset Alzheimer’s Act ensures those diagnosed with younger-onset Alzheimer’s receive equal recognition and protection under the law.
  • The TIME (Trauma-Informed Modernization of Eldercare) for Holocaust Survivors Act gives Holocaust survivors living in the United States access to specialized care and services for their unique needs.

“The North Country is home to one of the largest constituencies of older Americans, who deserve dignity and independence in their elder years.” said Congresswoman Stefanik. “I was proud to lead the reauthorization of the Older Americans Act, which will directly and tangibly benefit the seniors in my district. I’m grateful that critical provisions from three pieces of my legislation were included: to enhance individualization in caregiving, give those diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s receive equal recognition under the law, and ensure our country’s Holocaust survivors are given specialized care for their unique needs due to their unconscionable suffering from the horror they faced.”

To watch Congresswoman Stefanik’s opening statement to the Education and Labor Committee, click here and below. To watch Congressman Morelle (D-NY-25) thank Congresswoman Stefanik for her leadership on the Older Americans Act, click here.

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