Washington, D.C. – Today, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik spoke on the House Floor to honor the 10th Anniversary of Kelly’s Angels, a local Upstate New York organization that provides “Fun Grants” to children who have lost loved ones to cancer and other illnesses.

Watch Congresswoman Stefanik speak on the House Floor here and below.

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I rise today to honor and celebrate Kelly’s Angels on their ten-year anniversary.

This charitable organization has been serving the children of the Capital Region of New York for the past decade. After Kelly Mulholland, local teacher and mother of two from my district, tragically lost her battle with cancer in 2007 at the age of 37, her husband Mark founded Kelly’s Angels in her honor.

Their mission is to provide grants for children in Upstate New York who have lost parents or siblings to cancer or other illnesses. Children receive Fun Grants to use for whatever the child can dream up.

The goal of these grants is to bring a smile to the child’s face, create positive new memories, and help with the healing process. Kelly’s Angels has worked with countless families in our local communities over the past decade, and their work continues to have a positive impact on so many lives.

On behalf of New York’s 21st congressional district, I want to congratulate and thank Mark, his children, Mckenna and Connor, and the entire Kelly’s Angels team for achieving this milestone. Thank you for your amazing work, we are so proud of you.