Plattsburgh – Today, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik visited Norsk Titanium’s new facility, and discussed the manufacturer’s ongoing Department of Defense work. Norsk has many exciting new defense-related projects they are working on to help strengthen our national security with additive manufacturing technology. Congresswoman Stefanik hosted DOD officials at Norsk last year to highlight their high-level manufacturing technology capabilities.

“Today’s visit to Norsk Titanium’s new facility was incredibly important for me to hear an update on their new Department of Defense contracts and discuss how I can continue to be their advocate and partner on the federal level,” said Congresswoman Stefanik. “I proudly secured hundreds of millions for manufacturing technology in the FY2020 NDAA, with an additional $63 million for additive manufacturing. Norsk Titanium’s updated opportunities for defense-related manufacturing technology are very exciting, and it was an honor to assist them in providing this new pathway for their company. I will always work to ensure our North Country manufacturing facilities, like Norsk, have the best and most high-level opportunities to grow their operations and thrive. Thank you to Norsk Titanium for hosting me today, and I look forward to continuing to partner closely with them in my next term.”

"Not only is Norsk at an exciting point in its development, but it's at an exciting point in the generation of future defense related opportunities as well," said Garry Douglas, President of the North Country Chamber of Commerce. "Three years ago, Congresswoman Stefanik and Senator Schumer secured a provision in the defense bill, starting a new level of consideration by DOD of how additive manufacturing technology such as Norsk's could enhance defense procurement. She then hosted a high level DOD visit followed by sustained discussions and here we are with the first stages of defense related procurement in action. There's no question defense related production holds real opportunities for Norsk in addition to all of its continued success in securing civilian work, and we thank Congresswoman Stefanik for diligently opening this path. Onward and upward!"

“We would like to thank Congresswoman Stefanik, the State of New York, and the North Country Chamber of Commerce for their continued support to Norsk and the entire region,” commented Nicholas Mayer, Norsk Titanium’s Commercial Vice President. “We are honored to be able to make this entry into the US defense market and look forward to bringing more and more defense related work to the North Country.”  

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