Washington, D.C. – This week, Congresswoman Stefanik attended an event hosted by the American Battlefield Trust and made remarks highlighting the historic Battle of Saratoga and commended a partnership between the American Battlefield Trust and American Veterans Archaeological Recovery, which will be returning to Saratoga this summer to expand on archaeological work. New York’s 21st District encompasses Saratoga Battlefield, the scene of what is commonly thought of as the turning point of the Revolutionary War.

“As a Member of the Bipartisan Congressional Battlefield Caucus, I am proud to represent historic battle sites across our district. Saratoga Battlefield was featured at the Annual Congressional Battlefield Event, and I was proud to deliver remarks to highlight the extraordinary work with veterans to preserve this archaeological history,” said Congresswoman Stefanik. “Through the important work of the American Veterans Archaeological Recovery, we have been able to unearth additional historic details and preserve the hallowed grounds where those events took place. By doing this, we are preserving our nation’s heritage and ensuring the stories of those who came before us are being carried on. I am proud to represent a such a historically rich district and to advocate in Congress for funding to support the historic battlefields of America through the Battlefield Land Acquisition Grant Program. I look forward to continuing my partnership with organizations that do this important work.”

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