Washington, D.C. – Following Governor Cuomo’s call on the federal government to release the federal stockpile of medical equipment to address the COVID-19 pandemic, Congresswoman Stefanik joined him in urging the President to ramp up production of PPE and other medical equipment. On Wednesday, President Trump invoked the Defense Production Act, which allows him to direct manufacturers to make certain equipment that is necessary for the United States to deal with a crisis, whether that be a war or a pandemic, in order to promote our national defense.

“I strongly support the call for the federal government to increase production and manufacturing capacity immediately for ventilators and personal protective equipment,” said Congresswoman Stefanik. “Our health care personnel are working overtime to save lives. We must work together to step up as a nation to meet this unprecedented challenge. I believe President Trump should take action under the Defense Production Act to meet our nation’s needs during this national emergency.”