Saratoga, NY – Yesterday, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik called for the IRS to provide immediate clarity on the process for seniors to receive their COVID-19 crisis stimulus checks, following the information put out earlier this week indicating some seniors would be required to first file tax returns before they can receive checks. Late last night, U.S. Treasury announced that seniors receiving Social Security will not be required to file a tax return before receiving their stimulus check.

The U.S. Treasury announcement is in line with The CARES Act, which provides that 2019 Social Security Benefit Statements are to be used to determine eligibility for individuals who don’t file a tax return, a critical safeguard to ensure eligible seniors are not left behind.  

“The U.S. Treasury announcement that seniors will not be required to file tax returns before receiving their COVID-19 crisis stimulus checks is critical news for my district,” said Congresswoman Stefanik. “I’m honored to represent the North Country, one of the largest constituencies of seniors in the country, and thousands of seniors across my district do not file tax returns because their main source of income is Social Security. I’m grateful to U.S. Treasury for reversing this policy, as filing tax returns is an often confusing and intensive process. It’s important that North Country seniors know they will soon be receiving their stimulus checks during this challenging and unprecedented crisis.”