Saratoga, NY  – Governor Cuomo failed to respond to Congresswoman Elise Stefanik’s letter with state and local elected officials requesting public health guidance for summer camps amid COVID-19 during his press conference today. 

"For someone who lectures every day about not being political, Governor Cuomo needs to take his own advice and instead of politically attacking me during his press conference, he should issue public health guidance for summer camps," said Congresswoman Elise Stefanik. "This letter was signed not just by me, but by state, county and local elected officials who are working closely with our county public health offices and North Country hospitals to address the path forward for summer camps."

Governor Cuomo dismissed our regional concerns about summer camp public health guidance and instead responded by attacking Congresswoman Stefanik and falsely claiming that the federal government had yet to provide the State with any money. The CARES Act provided $7.5B of funding for New York State. The NY Congressional Delegation has been united across party lines working to deliver additional funds to state and local governments. 

The letter asking for New York State to issue public health guidance regarding summer camps that traditionally begin operation in May is signed by state, county and local elected officials including:

Senator Joe Griffo

Senator Daphne Jordan

Assemblyman Jake Ashby

Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush

Assemblyman Dan Stec

Assemblyman Mark Walcyzk

Assemblywoman Mary Beth Walsh

Larry Dolhof, Lewis County Legislature Chair

Shaun Gillilland, Chair of Essex County Board of Supervisors

Mark Henry, Chair of Clinton County Legislature

Vincent Bono, Chair of Herkimer County Legislature

Frank Thomas, Chair of Warren County Board of Supervisors

The full letter is here and you can find the press release here.