Washington, D.C. – House Leader Kevin McCarthy released the following statement on Congresswoman Elise Stefanik’s stellar record on the House Intelligence Committee:

"Throughout her time in Congress, Stefanik has made protecting our national security a main pillar of her agenda,” said Leader McCarthy. “Her work in helping to strengthen our military, including ensuring our service members have the resources they need to accomplish their mission, speaks for itself. She has attended in-person secure briefings on all intelligence and armed services committee matters. Stefanik has also demonstrated a unique understanding of the threats America faces and has worked to make us more secure as a country.

“Because the Intelligence Committee handles our nation's most sensitive secrets it should not be conducting its business in an unsecured manner over the Internet.  Foreign intelligence services may be able to gain access to information that can make us more vulnerable to our enemies. The unusually high number of public hearings under Adam Schiff's chairmanship is at best an unnecessary distraction from the Committee's core oversight work, which is best conducted in classified settings, and at worst puts U.S. national security at risk."