Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Elise Stefanik is cosponsoring the Hong Kong Safe Harbor Act. Due to the continued persecution and oppression of Hong Kongers by the Chinese Communist Party, they have been consistently protesting for their freedom. Recently, the Chinese government approved a resolution that would ban secession, the subversion of state power, terrorism, foreign intervention, and allows for the CCP’s security agencies to operate within the city. This law will broaden CCP control over Hong Kong, and effectively end Hong Kong’s special status. The people of Hong Kong who have led, or been engaged in, protests against Beijing since June of 2019 are at increased risk of political detention and persecution.

This legislation assigns Priority 2 refugee status in the United States for Hong Kongers, which would streamline their refugee admission process. In addition, it would create a new path for asylum for the people of Hong Kong that the CCP would immediately detain during the time it would take between applying for refugee status and being accepted. Those eligible for asylum would be those who organized, aided, reported on or provided legal services to those arrested in protests.

“America stands with Hong Kong, and the values of freedom, democracy, and self-governance,” said Congresswoman Stefanik. “This legislation gives refugee and asylum priority in the United States to Hong Kongers, particularly those who have been engaged in rightful protests against their government. The actions of the Chinese Communist Party are criminal, indefensible, and will not be tolerated. I will continue to be outspoken against the CCP for their human rights abuses and unacceptable lack of transparency.”