Washington, D.C.  – Today, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik spoke on the House floor to recognize the life of Edward Bartholomew, Jr. longtime leader and public servant of Warren County: 

Madam Speaker, I rise today to honor Edward M. Bartholomew Jr. for his lifetime of service to the City of Glens Falls, Warren County and the entire North Country region.

Edward Bartholomew Jr. served in many important roles over the course of his over 40-year career. Elected Mayor of the City of Glens Falls at the age of 28, Edward set to work revitalizing the community, making the Civic Center a success, building a modern baseball park, improving critical infrastructure and establishing the Greater Glens Falls Transit System. He cemented his reputation as someone who can grasp all the aspects of a challenge and accomplish his objectives despite daunting obstacles.

In 2010, after spending time in the State Senate, Ed returned to lead the Economic Development Corporation of Warren County where he had been working around the clock through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ed Bartholomew was an extraordinary leader for the Warren County community and beyond. He was a joy to work with. He will be missed. I am honored to recognize his leadership in the Congressional Record on behalf of New York’s 21st Congressional District. Our prayers go out his friends and family during this difficult time. 

Watch Congresswoman Stefanik’s full remarks here.

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