Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Stefanik today joined Maria Bartiromo and slammed Democrats’ radical tax and spend package and the Biden Administration’s attack on parental engagement. 

Some highlights from the interview include:
On the Biden Administration’s priorities:
“What we're seeing in the Biden Administration – on education, on the border – they bow down to the Far Left.”
On Democrats’ radical tax and spend package:
“The American people should know that what Democrats are discussing is largest tax increase in our nation's history, but it’s also the largest spending bill in our nation's history. This is over five trillion dollars – and that’s taxpayer dollars. Even when President Joe Biden says it costs nothing, it costs the American people over trillions of dollars, which we do not have.”
“We are already facing historic levels debt and deficit under this administration. But the policies are also Far-Left Socialist policies this bill is absolutely riddled with...The Democrats want to pass an army of IRS agents doubling the number of people who work for IRS, who will be able to spy on every working American’s bank account. The tax increases would be a tax on innovation, on success, and would make us less competitive around the world, particularly challenging when we see a rising China. This is a bad deal full of Socialist policies.”
“The devil is always in details, so over next couple of days, we will see if many of the Democrats break their promises to the American people and go along with this Far-Left Socialist package, as Joe Biden does what the progressives want.”
“If Democrats were serious about passing bipartisan infrastructure, they would actually be bipartisan about it and reach out to Republicans in the House to truly craft an infrastructure bill. They haven't done that from the beginning.”
On standing up for parents:
“First of all, I want to thank and give credit to all parents standing up fighting on behalf of their children to make sure they get best education possible and holding these officials accountable for Far-Left curriculum we are seeing in school districts across the nation.”
“It is required by law – we passed this on a bipartisan basis when Republicans were in the majority, that the Department of Education and school districts are required to share the curriculum with parents, that there is an engagement policy with parents. That is the exact opposite of what the Biden Administration Department of Justice has announced. They are considering parents who speak out regarding education issues for their children to be domestic terrorists. That is illegal. We are going to hold them accountable.”
“What is interesting is when we reach out to the Department of Education, they were not even aware that this was in law...By law, parents are allowed and should be engaged in their kids’ education. Schools are required to have a parental engagement policy and are required to get parental feedback when it comes to curriculum development.”