Washington, D.C. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined Spectrum News 1 to discuss what her new leadership position means for the North Country.

Some highlights from the interview include:
On working for the North Country:
“I have always strived to give the North a seat at the highest levels on every issue.”
On being a working mother:
“Sam is the greatest blessing in my life, and it is an adjustment – as any working mom will tell you.”
On inflation’s impact on North Country residents:
“I would say that's probably the top issue I hear from constituents about – the rising cost of goods, the rising cost of gas.”
On Donald Trump’s role in the Republican Party:
“I voted for President Trump. There's no question that he delivered unprecedented, positive results to the North Country, and I'm really proud of that. He's going to be important part in the midterms, and I do hope he runs again.”