Albany, N.Y. – In case you missed it, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik today joined Doug Goudie on WGY Mornings to discuss inflation, the supply chain crisis, immigration, and Big Tech Censorship.

Some highlights from the interview include:
On Joe Biden’s inflation crisis and Democrats’ $5 trillion tax and spend spree:
“The American people are smart. They know when they go to the grocery store, when they go to the gas station. They are seeing the rise in prices and the inflation. And they know it is the result of the tax and spend policies that we’ve seen in just 10 months.”
“This is at the precipice as Democrats are attempting to pass an additional over $5 trillion tax and spend package that would fundamentally shift this country further to the left with policies that people don’t support, but it would also bankrupt us for generations.”
On Democrats’ supply chain crisis and The Washington Post op-ed telling Americans to “lower their expectations:”
“This country was built upon the concept of exceptionalism, on the concept of being the global leader, whether it is in the supply chain space, manufacturing, or innovation. Americans don’t lower expectations. We are the country of the highest expectations.”
“We are an exceptional nation. That’s what makes us America.”
On the Biden Administration flying illegal immigrants into New York:
“Every American and every New Yorker should be made aware…The border crisis continues to rage on our Southern Border, while the Biden Administration wants to do this under the cover of night.”
On Big Tech Censorship:
“I’ve had censored tweets this year. It’s gotten worse since last year. We’ve had challenges getting our content on Facebook. And we’re just sharing the facts.”
“You have terrorists allowed on this platform, yet they don’t allow the former President of the United States. It’s absurd. I’m excited that President Trump is launching this new platform that will be a place that is truly a home for free speech and not censorship.”
“When Republicans take back the House, there is going to be oversight. We are going to haul in the tech CEOs and ask them the tough questions that the American people deserve answers on.”