Washington, D.C. – Today, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined Harris Faulkner to discuss the current crisis on the Southern Border and unconstitutional vaccine mandates.

Some highlights from the interview include:
On the Southern Border Crisis:
“This is a border crisis of historic proportions. While Joe Biden and his administration fail to admit that it is a crisis, the American people understand it is a national security crisis, a public health crisis, and homeland security crisis.”
“This is the highest number of illegal border crossings on our Southern Border in over 30 years. It’s the highest rate in the month of September in our nation's history.”
“As Democrats are discussing this $5 trillion tax and spending package, there are zero dollars for Border Patrol and border security. That is inexcusable.”
On how the Border Crisis impacts New York:
“It is affecting all states, including my home state of New York.”
“I have Border Patrol officers who are being transferred from the Northern Border to the Southern Border. They’ve been going transfer after transfer because of this major crisis we have at the U.S.- Mexico Border.”
On the Republican response to the Border Crisis:
“Republicans stand for border security, for providing more resources for Border Patrol officers to secure our border.”
“Republicans will continue to fight back, to stand for border security, and to expose Joe Biden and House Democrats' absolute failure when it comes to protecting our national security and securing our borders.”
On Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandates:
“These vaccine mandates, whether at the federal level or some of our Democrat Governors are putting them into place, are unconstitutional and illegal.”
“[They are] exacerbating a labor shortage we're already facing in this country, particularly as we’re heading into the holidays with such a significant supply chain crisis.”
“Republicans are opposed to these top-down mandates. This is government overreach at its worst. What was most frustrating and telling for me to hear from the President of the United States is that he mocked Americans for standing up for their freedoms.” 
“This country is based upon freedoms, and Republicans are going to defend freedom.”
On the Vaccine Mandates’ Impact on New York: 
“We're already seeing worker shortages in New York with our unconstitutional mandate. I represent a hospital in my district in a rural region, Lewis County, they’re no longer able to deliver babies because of this vaccine mandate.”
“Our workers – whether it's our nurses, our doctors, our first responders, our law enforcement officers – they worked, they put their lives and health on the line throughout the COVID pandemic. And now these mandates are forcing them out of a job. If they choose not to get the vaccine, that is their personal choice.”