Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Elise Stefanik during today’s Education and Labor Subcommittee hearing questioned Mr. Scott Hecker on the negative impacts of vaccine mandates on the workforce.
Stefanik began her line of questioning by highlighting the negative impact of New York state’s vaccine mandates on New York’s 21st District.
“In September, in my district, Lewis County General Hospital announced a temporary shutdown of their maternity ward due to a workforce shortage stemming from the vaccine mandate,” Stefanik said. “This is robbing a rural community of a vital healthcare service and frontline healthcare workers of their ability to provide for their families. As a new mom myself, particularly when I think of my constituents in rural communities, they have to travel that much further when they deliver their babies.”
Stefanik also noted that the Biden Administration is now attempting to impose their vaccine mandates on private employers across the country. She stated that the Society of Human Resource Management’s recent survey of their members resulted in 89% saying some of their workers will resign due to the new mandate.
During her line of questioning, Stefanik asked Mr. Hecker if the Biden vaccine mandate is likely to exacerbate existing workforce shortages and hamper our nation’s recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.
“[There is a] need to take into account stakeholder comments and input of practical impacts here,” Hecker responded. “There is already a workforce shortage and it could continue or be exacerbated…if there is a great resignation.”
Stefanik then asked Mr. Hecker, “Do you believe that losing a job is generally detrimental to a worker’s overall health and wellbeing?”
“I think being employed is certainly a positive thing,” Hecker replied.
“Certainly in my district, I represent hardworking families,” Stefanik said. “I get texts and calls every day. People love their jobs, they are dedicated to their jobs, and they are frustrated and they are panicked frankly that they are leaving their jobs because of these unconstitutional mandates.”
Stefanik then asked about the burdens and costs the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandate would impose on employers.
“Particularly for small businesses, if you don’t have a robust HR, compliance, legal department, standing this up and implementing and executing the vaccine mandate isn’t something that just rolls out,” Hecker replied.
Watch the Subcommittee Hearing here.