Washington, D.C - Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined Trey Gowdy on Sunday Night in America to discuss how Republicans are winning on education and other key issues facing Americans. On the program, Rep. Stefanik slammed Democrats who are doubling down on their failed policies and rushing to jam through the biggest spending package in our nation’s history without even knowing the cost of the legislation.

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Interview highlights include: 

On the Republican victory in Virginia: 

“[Youngkin] made education a priority which allowed him to grow his base, not just from registered Republicans, but Independents and Democrats who are fed up with the status quo and our failing education system, particularly during COVID. He ran on the economy, making sure that Virginia is, from his perspective, the strongest state in the nation to create jobs and grow small businesses as they have struggled when it comes to the recovery after COVID.”

“Not only did he do well in rural communities, which he won by 27 points...but he also did well in the suburbs, and he expanded our support among Hispanics, African-Americans, suburban women. So, this was about addition, not subtraction.”

On Republicans are listening to the American people, and most importantly, parents: 

“Republicans are the party of parents. Democrats are the party, frankly, of the failing status quo. They prioritized the teachers union instead of the students, parents, and teachers.”

“Economic opportunity is huge for working moms, making sure that there’s good paying jobs, and then I would say the inflation is having an impact up and down the ballot. This is in some ways a judgment on Joe Biden’s failed economic policies as working moms, as women, are seeing the inflated cost whether it’s when they go to the grocery store or even diapers.” 

On Democrats continuing their reckless spending spree:

“We’re already facing an economic crisis, whether it’s the labor shortage coupled with the inflation crisis. Democrats are currently discussing a multi-trillion dollar spending package, the biggest spending package in our nation’s history, the largest tax hike in our nation’s history. So they are doubling down on the failed policies.” 

“Nancy Pelosi is being controlled by the Far Left. So, in the coming weeks we will see, as they negotiate their trillion dollar tax and spend package, just how costly it will be for the American people.”

“[Democrats] wanted to vote on that before a Congressional Budget Office score, which means, getting rid of the Washington speak, that means that they didn’t actually know how costly it would be to the taxpayers and how significant the tax increases would be. The American people deserve to know the cost, the true cost, of how many trillions this is going to take over the next decade.”