Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined America’s Newsroom to discuss the Biden Administration’s proposal to pay illegal immigrants $450,000, House Democrats in complete disarray on their spending package, and the unconstitutional vaccine mandates making New York less safe.

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Some highlights of the interview include:

On Biden Administration’s Idea to Pay Illegal Immigrants:

“I think about the hard working families in my district. The average median income in New York's North Country is about $40-45,000 for a household. This administration, President Biden is considering giving 10 times that, $450,000 for people who broke the law. Illegal immigrants who came to this country and did not abide by the rule of law. 

“This is at the same time as we're facing a historic border crisis with the highest number of illegal crossings ever in the month of September. So this would just exacerbate the already crisis that we're seeing on the southern border.”

“We are a country that’s based upon the rule of law. So this is telling every American that you are going to be rewarded for breaking the law, whereas those that abide by the law are at a disadvantage. So it should outrage every American. Certainly House Republicans will oppose this. We've already spoken out in opposition, but we will do everything we can to stop this.”

On Democrats’ Radical Spending Package:

“The devil is always in the details, and there's a lot of details that they have to work out.”

“What is important for the American people to know is that the legislation Democrats are considering is the largest tax increase in our nation's history and the largest spending package in our nation's history.”

“It is also riddled with Far-Left, Socialist policies like mass amnesty, elimination of the bipartisan Hyde protections ensuring taxpayer dollars don't go to fund abortions. And there is policy after policy that, as the American people learn more about it, they don't support.”

“What's interesting is the Democrats are being controlled by their Far-Left, progressive, Socialist members. This is not your grandfather's Democratic Party. They're having to appease the Left.”

“If Democrats force this to the floor in quick action, their members will not have had the opportunity to read it. So we will have the same experience we had when they passed Obamacare, when they didn't read the legislation. This is bad for America.” 

On New York’s Vaccine Mandates:

“The vaccine mandates are unconstitutional, and again it is exacerbating an already tenuous situation as we face a labor shortage with first responders and law enforcement officers across the country, so it makes New York less safe.”