Washington, D.C. – In case you missed it, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined Jenn Pellegrino to slam New York’s unconstitutional vaccine mandates, Governor Kathy Hochul’s failed leadership as New York’s governor, and to highlight Republicans’ solutions to Democrats’ self-inflicted crises.

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Highlights from the interview include:

On the impact of New York’s unconstitutional vaccine mandates:

“When these initial mandates came into place, I had one of the first hospitals in the nation that had to close their maternity ward and stopped delivering babies because of that unconstitutional overreach. And this is at a time when we're already facing a labor shortage and a labor crisis at our hospitals and community health centers.”

“These individuals [hospital workers] put their lives on the line at the peak of the pandemic, and now to penalize them, to punish them for their own individual health choice regarding the vaccine, first of all, it's unconstitutional, both in New York, but also across the country. It's federally unconstitutional.”

“There are multiple hospitals in rural New York that have stopped elective procedures, elective surgeries. And what is that impact? First of all, it has poor health outcomes over time, because people who need those screenings, who need those procedures done, they're going to be kicked down the road, and that's when health issues and health crises tend to creep up.”

On Governor Kathy Hochul’s failed leadership:

“Shame on Governor Hochul for following Governor Cuomo's really bad leadership when it came to how he handled the COVID pandemic.”

“[Jim Malatras] has since submitted his resignation, but that's in response to voices like mine, voices like students across New York State, not the governor, who didn't have the spine to stand up and make good on her promise.”

On Republicans’ solutions to Democrats’ crises:

“We're going to focus on issues that actually matter. So let's take the border security crisis, which not only impacts border communities, but every congressional district in this country is getting impacted with both the border crisis, but also the amount of illegal drugs crossing the border. We're going to secure our southern border.”

“We are going to support our law enforcement, whether that's the Border Patrol or whether that's the NYPD, or local county sheriffs, local city police departments, standing strongly with law enforcement, and standing up for the rule of law.”

“People are paying more and more at the gas pump every day. Joe Biden has had a war on independent American energy. We ought to, and Republicans will, stand strong for domestic energy production and support American energy.”