Washington, DC - Today, President Biden withdrew a proposed rule requiring U.S. higher education institutions to disclose their relationships with Confucius Institutes, entities within American colleges and schools that are funded and staffed by China’s Ministry of Education. Congresswoman Stefanik issued the following statement in response:

“President Biden’s decision to rescind a rule that compelled U.S. colleges to disclose their relationships with Confucius Institutes is not only short-sighted and harmful – it decreases transparency in our education system and emboldens the Chinese Communist Party. Confucius Institutes have long been used by the CCP to push communist propaganda, repress freedom of speech and thought, and enable malign activities on American college campuses. This illogical decision helps fuel the propaganda of America’s number one adversary, jeopardizes the integrity of our education system, and puts students on American campuses at risk.”