Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined her colleagues in introducing a resolution condemning President Biden for his failure to plan and execute the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and calling for specific actions from the President to provide for the safety of Americans and our national security.

“President Biden has failed on the world stage and now must answer for his disastrous actions in Afghanistan,“ Stefanik said. “I am calling on Biden to account for his chaotic withdrawal and to commit to a complete evacuation of all U.S. citizens and Afghan allies. Biden’s actions in Afghanistan risk leaving Americans and Afghans at the will of the Taliban and gravely threaten our national security. Too many lives are at stake for Biden to leave the American people without answers.”

In the resolution led by Congressman Michael Waltz (R-FL), Stefanik and her colleagues called on the President to conduct an accounting of the U.S. military equipment and resources left in the hands of the Taliban, present a clear plan on how to fill the intelligence gaps his withdrawal created, and commit to maintaining an evacuation operation as long as necessary to evacuate all U.S. citizens.

Specifically, the resolution condemns President Biden for failing to listen to the advice of his military and intelligence advisors, failing to present a coherent plan to prevent a Taliban takeover or prepare for counterterrorism, failing to effectively plan for the evacuation of Americans, and failing to respond to Congress’ concerns over the withdrawal.

View full resolution text here.