Washington, D.C. – Today, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik released the following statement on Speaker Carl Heastie’s decision to suspend the impeachment investigation of Governor Andrew Cuomo.

"The corrupt cesspool of Albany Democrat politics is alive and well. Speaker Carl Heastie's decision to suspend the impeachment investigation of disgraced criminal Governor Andrew Cuomo makes every Albany Democrat complicit in his crimes and cover up.

"This is sadly a fitting final gasp of the most corrupt Governor in New York State history and the Albany Democrats’ showed just how scared and cowardly they are of Cuomo’s political vengeance.

"Make no mistake, every Albany Democrat must be held accountable for these crimes. Andrew Cuomo should be in jail right now and never be allowed to hold elected office again.

"The fight for justice and accountability for Cuomo's numerous victims was only beginning, and history will now remember Albany Democrats as Cuomo’s cowardly criminal co-conspirators.”