Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Elise Stefanik today released a statement after Nancy Pelosi cancelled a vote on Democrats’ so-called “infrastructure” package, a Trojan Horse to advance their radical $5.5 trillion agenda.
“Democrat policies have failed the American people, and Lame Duck Speaker Nancy Pelosi can’t even hold her own party in line.
“Democrats’ radical spending has already put our country in crisis, and the American people know exactly who is to blame for why they are paying more for almost everything.
“This Trojan Horse legislation would open the floodgates for $5.5 trillion in radical spending and the largest tax increase in our nation’s history.
“Democrats are in disarray because they know the American people will hold them accountable for forcing their radical policies and devastating economy on our country.”
Speaker Pelosi announced there would be a vote on the so-called “infrastructure” bill this week, and reiterated that it would happen today. However, she did not have the votes in her own party to pass this radical piece of legislation, because the American people know it would be devastating to our nation.
Democrats have consistently linked the passage of this so-called “infrastructure” legislation to the success of an additional multi-trillion package full of Socialist spending. Democrats’ $1.2 trillion Trojan Horse “infrastructure” package is directly tied to passing House Democrats’ reckless $4.3 trillion tax and spend bill.