Washington D.C. - Today, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined Bernie and Sid in the Morning to discuss the inflation, crime, and border crises caused by the failed leadership of one-party Democrat rule in Washington as well as the crises caused by Far Left leadership in Albany, New York. Stefanik also discussed House Republicans’ top priorities after earning back the majority.

Listen to her full interview here.

Highlights of her interview are below:

On the highest inflation in nearly 40 years:

“I'm 38. I was elected to Congress as the youngest woman ever elected at the age of 30. I will tell you, if you look at the crises that Joe Biden has created in just two years, the inflation crisis for people in my generation, we've never seen inflation this high.”

“The number one most important issue to voters is inflation, and it's because it's impacting every family, no matter whether you're Republican, Independent or Democrat, it's very challenging to make ends meet in Joe Biden's economy.”

“Trillions of dollars of taxpayer money has gone out the door under Joe Biden. It is out of control and it has led to the highest rate of inflation in my lifetime.”

“People are taking a closer look, and people that have voted Democrat for many, many years understand that today's Democrat Party is farther to the Left than it was even five, ten years ago, and people are looking for a new direction both in Washington and in Albany.”

On Joe Biden’s crime crisis: 

“If you look at the crime crisis, it's skyrocketing, not only across New York State, but across this country. And this is a result of the radical ‘Defund the Police’ policies and rhetoric of today's Democratic Party that Joe Biden has embraced.”

“We have the crime crisis, not just in the cities across New York State, but in very small, what are considered very rural counties and rural towns and cities. We had a bank robbery in downtown Glens Falls, known as ‘Hometown U.S.A,’ just a few months ago, a few blocks from where one of my Congressional offices is.” 

“I was just in Ticonderoga last night or a couple of nights ago, which is in Essex County, and heard from the county sheriff the challenges of Kathy Hochul and Democrats’ bail reform, where criminals are on the streets over and over again.”

“The other law enforcement issue we have that's very important up here is we are home to many of the New York State prisons, and some of them have been closed under Kathy Hochul. But there's also legislation that puts our corrections officers’ lives and health and safety at risk, and prioritizes the criminal. So again and again, we see New York Democrats prioritizing criminals rather than standing up for law-abiding citizens.”

On Joe Biden’s border crisis:

“The border crisis, which is, of course, part of the safety and security challenges we face in this country. It is because of Joe Biden and his failed border policies. He hasn't even been to the border in his 40 years plus in elected office. House Republicans, the vast majority of all of our members have been to the border, including our candidates, because we know that it impacts every city, every state, every county across the country.” 

“We also see a significant spike in fentanyl overdoses, and that's because fentanyl is flowing in from across the southern border, and it's making its way across the United States.”

On New York States failed Far Left leadership: 

“I never thought there would be a governor that's worse than Andrew Cuomo, but Kathy Hochul is worse than Andrew Cuomo. She has achieved that in just a year. So we see the polling every single day in this district, Kathy Hochul is bottoming out.”

“Eric Adams has not stood up to the Democrats who have called for ‘Defund the police.’ So he, unfortunately, is a part of that Party and that hurts New York City residents. It's why people are fleeing New York City. He's also spending way too much time at private swanky clubs than doing his job as mayor of New York. If I read another profile about Eric Adams that brags about his fashion sense and all this insider stuff. That's not what hard working New Yorkers want to hear. They want their mayor to work. They want their mayor to solve the crime crisis in New York City, and he has not done that.”

On Republicans earning back the majority in the House and Senate:

“Joe Biden by all metrics is a failed president, and that's why we're going to have a huge red wave this November.”

“Republicans do not take anything for granted. So we are going to work to earn back the House, and I know the Senate candidates are going to work to earn back the Senate.” 

“I think as voters learn more about the policy choices that are on the ballot, every single Democrat Senator will vote in lockstep with Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden. That's not what the American people want. They've suffered enough under inflation. They've suffered enough from all of this garbage that we have seen with single party Democrat rule.”