Albany, New York – Congresswoman Elise Stefanik today joined Doug Goudie on WGY Mornings to slam Kathy Hochul for hurting hardworking New Yorkers by selling out with her corrupt pay to play scheme and ignoring farmers in her Far Left Farm Labor Wage Board's overtime decision.

Listen to the interview here.

Highlights of her interview include:

On Hochul’s Pay to Play Corruption

“Well, she is corrupt, and I never thought it was possible to have a worse governor than Andrew Cuomo. I dubbed him the worst governor in America. And boy, did that fit like a glove. But Kathy Hochul is achieving that unbelievable achievement, which is, she's even worse than Governor Cuomo.”

“The pay to play scheme is corruption that Albany Democrats, unfortunately, have become known for. Your listeners should know that one of her [Kathy Hochul] high-dollar donors got a sweetheart deal with the state up to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars and New York state overpaid for those COVID tests. There are other states who went into deals that paid far, far less. There was a sweetheart deal. It's definitely pay to play, and there needs to be an investigation into this corruption.”

“New Yorkers deserve to know that they have a corrupt single-party Albany Democrat, and ultimately it's taxpayers who are footing the bill for this corruption.”

On Hochul Ignoring New York Farmers:

“What's really sad about how Kathy Hochul ran that process is she completely ignored farmers. You know New York is a huge agricultural state. We are an agricultural powerhouse, and, in my district, agriculture is the backbone of our economy.”

“I spent the time, as I always do, hearing firsthand from farmers, speaking out on their behalf. I've attended many public events to try to shed light and really try to make Kathy Hochul and Downstate Democrats listen to the concerns of Upstate farmers who grow and produce our food and feed the state and the world and the country. So this is just another example where Kathy Hochul is selling out to radical Far Left Democrats, and it hurts everyday New Yorkers.”

“Not only does it hurt the farmers, but it also hurt the laborers. The laborers come here to work. They want those hours, and now they're going to look to Vermont and Pennsylvania, which don't have these very punitive rules.”

“The reality is that you go to a dairy farm, you go to an apple orchard, you go to specialty crop farm, those apples, cows, and the crops don't work on a 40 hour work week when they are ready to be picked or when the cows need to be milked, they need to be milked and crops need to be picked. So it is just anti-agriculture.”

“I'll tell you what, Democrats who were silent, who try to pretend to be moderate Democrats, they only waited until after the fact to speak out against this new rule. We needed their voices beforehand, but they're so petrified of Kathy Hochul, and they’re so in bed, frankly, with the corrupt Albany Democrats. It's just a shame, and New Yorkers are going to suffer as a result of this.”