Glens Falls, NY - Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined Mornings with Maria to highlight House Republicans’ Commitment to America. Stefanik also discussed the crime crisis caused by Democrats’ soft-on-crime policies in New York State and the skyrocketing inflation that’s hurting families across the North Country. 

Watch the full interview here.

Highlights of her interview are below:

On House Republicans’ Commitment to America:

“House Republicans are committed to making sure that we save America, that we address the reckless trillions of dollars of spending that have fueled the largest inflation crisis in my lifetime.”

“When I became House Republican Conference Chair, my focus was ‘we're going to talk about the issues that matter to the American people.’ And whether it's inflation, crime, border, immigration—House Republicans are pulling ahead of Democrats because we've been disciplined and importantly, we're listening to the American people.”

“We also unveiled our Commitment to America, which is our agenda that we hope to accomplish when we earn back the House.”

“Number one is an economy that's strong, so reining in the reckless spending, bringing our budget back to balance and fiscal responsibility to stop the inflation.” 

“Unleashing American energy independence, so we can bring down the price of gas, the price of utilities, the price of diesel, and home heating oil.”

“In addition, a nation that is safe. That starts with securing the border, but it also means supporting our law enforcement.”

“Standing up for the Constitution, a future that’s based upon freedom. We will pass a Parents’ Bill of Rights when it comes to parents’ role in their kids’ education. We will also proudly stand up for the Constitution each and every day.”

“Lastly, a government that's accountable. This country is based upon ‘We the People,’ and Democrats’ single party rule has forgotten that. That is our Commitment to America, and we intend to accomplish it for the American people.”

On the crime crisis in New York State:

“The crime crisis is real in this state. You cannot open the paper in any city in New York State and not see articles about horrific crimes, loss of life. Today's Democrat Party in New York State has caused this crime crisis. They cut funding for the NYPD and they rushed through failed bail reform, so you have a revolving door of criminals being released into the streets over and over and over again.”

On Joe Biden and House Democrats’ reckless government spending:

“Who can forget that this White House famously said, ‘Inflation is a high class problem.’ They also didn't even want to admit inflation actually existed. You go to any part of this country, any part in my district, that's the number one issue. House Republicans smartly listened to the American people, and we talked about the issues that matter to them, and we also presented solutions and results that we intend to accomplish.”