Washington, D.C. – Today, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined Kudlow to discuss House Republicans’ commitment to accountability and transparency and how House Republicans will get to the bottom of the Hunter Biden corruption scandal.

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Highlights from the interview include:
On Investigating Hunter Biden’s Corruption: 
“There is virtually no accountability or transparency on what we know are numerous corruption scandals, but it’s just the media finally admitting it.”
“Big Tech colluded with the mainstream media to censor the story. We've always known the laptop is real.”
“We're going to hold this administration accountable, hold the President and his family accountable. There are questions that need to be answered from Hunter Biden and, frankly, the other members of the Biden family. For example, Hunter Biden's investments in the Chinese Communist Party, potential pay-to-play, corruption, and criminal issues when you have Russian oligarchs funneling millions of dollars to Biden family businesses.”
“We know the 'Big Guy' is Joe Biden. We need Hunter Biden under oath. If he won't testify, he needs to be subpoenaed to answer those questions for the American people because the stakes could not be higher.”
“The cavalry is coming. House Republicans are unified to save America and demand accountability.”
On Republicans Demanding Transparency and Accountability:
“The American people deserve to know when we're talking about the President of the United States, especially when we consider how great of a threat generationally a rising Communist China is. The fact that Jen Psaki refuses to answer these questions and silences any reporter who dares to ask them – these questions are not going away.” 
“House Democrats will continue to brush these under the rug. The American people deserve that transparency and accountability, and House Republicans will deliver that.”
“We're going to put an Oversight Committee [member] on each Committee so there’s full-time members and staff dedicated towards this.”