Stefanik, Hinson Demand Answers from Biden Administration on Baby Formula Shortage

"Yet another example of how this Administration’s supply chain crisis is harming working families"

May 11, 2022

Washington, D.C. - Congresswomen Elise Stefanik and Ashley Hinson (IA-01) sent a letter to the Commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration regarding the nationwide baby formula shortage that has reached a crisis level.

The Congresswomen, both mothers, called on the agency to provide a clear timeline for when baby formula inventory is expected to be sufficiently restocked as well as a long-term plan to minimize supply chain disruptions for baby formula. 

"We have heard from constituents about this issue – parents who are unsure how to provide this essential sustenance for their babies and worried about the nutritional impacts of this supply chain shortage. As moms ourselves, we know the stress this is causing in so many households," wrote the Congresswomen. "The infant formula shortage is yet another example of how this Administration’s supply chain crisis is harming working families. This crisis has now come home to America’s kitchen tables, as families do not know how to feed their children." 

“Bare Shelves Biden’s failed policies have created a panic for families by failing to address a baby formula shortage," Stefanik said. "Hardworking parents are already paying the price for Biden’s inflation and supply chain crises. They can’t wait weeks for formula. As a new mother, I sounded the alarm on this previously and, after the Biden Administration did absolutely nothing to address this crisis, I’m continuing to bring the concerns of parents to the highest levels by demanding answers from Biden’s FDA to address this crisis. This can never happen again and needs to be addressed.” 

"Working families are already worried about how much their groceries are going to cost because of inflation, and now, parents have the added stress of not knowing if the baby formula they need will even be in stock," Congresswoman Hinson said. "The Biden Administration must prioritize fixing supply chain disruptions and getting baby formula back on the shelves. I'll work with anyone who will work with me to ensure that families don't have this extra burden." 

Read the full letter here.

In February, Stefanik sent a letter calling on the FDA to address safety concerns regarding baby formula following a recall of powdered formulas after reports of related illness in infants.