Washington, D.C. – Today, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined the Faulkner Focus to slam House Democrats’ illegitimate January 6th Committee. Democrats’ efforts to distract from the countless crises impacting the American people are shameful. 

Stefanik also highlighted her new legislation, the Firearm Proficiency and Training Act, which incentivizes gun training and safety courses to empower Americans to safely exercise their Second Amendment rights.

Watch her full interview here.

Highlights of her interview are below: 

On House Republicans’ priorities:

“I was just home in my district for two weeks traveling to ten different counties. And the issues that I heard from my constituents and votersthey were concerned about inflation, they’re concerned about the skyrocketing gas pricesthey're concerned about the increase in crime that we are seeing, not just in New York State but across America.” 

“All of these crises are a direct result of Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats’ failed agenda. What do the Democrats want to talk about? They want to talk about January 6.”

On why Speaker Pelosi’s January 6th Committee is illegitimate:

“Their Committee is not focused on finding out why the Capitol was so ill-prepared and why the Capitol Police were at half staff on January 6th. These are important questions that Nancy Pelosi and Democrats don't care about, because they kicked off the Republican-appointed members of the Committee, and that’s why it's illegitimate.”

“One of those major questions is why is Speaker Pelosi's office the only office off limits from this investigation? We know based upon reporting that there were warnings about potential violence on January 6th, and why did she not ensure the Capitol Police had the resources they needed?”

“Nancy Pelosi broke 200-plus years of precedent by not allowing the Republican Minority Leader to appoint Members of a sitting committee. That has never happened before, and that’s why the Committee is illegitimate and doesn't serve a legislative purpose.”

On her legislation promoting gun safety in the face of Democrats’ unconstitutional gun control legislation:

“My bill provides an incentive in terms of a tax credit for safe gun storage, safe training. I am a proud lawful gun-owner. I represent hundreds of thousands of lawful gun-owners in my district. It is important for self-defense, it’s important for sportsman activities, it’s important for hunting.”

“Democrats are utilizing this tragedy to immediately politicize it and focus on stripping Second Amendment rights and focusing on their radical gun control legislation.”

“In the last decade, the only Party that has passed legislation to secure schools and to close loopholes were Republicans. We passed “Fix NICS,” which ensured more accurate information sharing of mental health records between states and federal agencies. We also passed the STOP School Violence Act to provide $1 billion going toward School Resource Officers, which I have in my district and districts across America.”