Washington, D.C. – Today, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined Kudlow to discuss the historic border crisis created by Joe Biden and House Democrats as one the largest migrant caravans ever heads to our southern border. Stefanik has led the charge in holding the Biden administration accountable for endangering communities by transferring migrants from the southern border to communities across the country, including New York.

Watch the full interview here.

Highlights of her interview are below: 

On the Biden administration and House Democrats’ failed open-border agenda:

“House Republicans have been doing everything we can to make sure that this president does not lift Title 42. That's one of those last remaining tools in our toolkit. And we also need to return as a nation to President Trump's very effective border policy.”

“You have a President of the United States who hasn't even been to our southern border. The vast majority of the House Republicans have gone to the southern border. They've seen this crisis firsthand.”

“The root cause [of the border crisis] is Joe Biden's open-border policies. We know that the border security policies and building of the wall worked under President Trump, it was the most secure southern border in our nation's history. Now we’re seeing the most open, porous border in our nation's history.”

On how Biden’s Border Crisis makes every state a border state:

“It impacts districts like mine in Northern New York. We're seeing an increase in deaths related to fentanyl, which is flowing across our southern border. I represent Border Patrol officers on the Northern Border, who have been transferred over and over and over again, which creates stress on their families. And frankly, it leaves us with security openings on our Northern Border.”

“These are illegal immigrants from over 100 different countries, individuals on the terror watch list, which had Congress not demanded that information, the American people would not have known that.”

“In the state of New York, there were the flights that were done under the dark of night, and had it not been for a FOIA request of the Department of Homeland Security issued by a New York court, we would not have known.” 

“I have legislation to demand transparency and data for any migrants that are sent anywhere by bus, by train, by plane to any community across the United States. The American people and law enforcement agencies deserve to have that data. It shouldn't be happening in the first place.”