Washington D.C. - Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined Making Money with Charles Payne to discuss her legislation the REIN IN Inflation Act. Stefanik’s bill requires the Biden administration to publish the inflationary impact of executive actions before they are implemented. At a time where inflation hits another fresh 40-year high, Stefanik is leading the charge in reining in the Biden administration’s reckless spending.

Watch her full interview here. 

Highlights of her interview are below:

On Joe Biden and House Democrats’ reckless spending:

“It’s not only House Democrats under Nancy Pelosi who have had the most spending ever in our nation’s history over this past year, but it's also Joe Biden’s executive actions that are costing Americans trillions and trillions of dollars, that are part of the reason why we’re facing historic inflation.”

On the REIN IN Inflation Act: 

“What my bill does, which I have strong cosponsors for, [and] we intend to pass in a Republican majority as we work to earn that this November – it basically ensures any executive action by the president is forced to provide to Congress what the impact on inflation would be.”

“The American people deserve to know, for example, the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline, the consideration of canceling student loans – how those executive actions impact and further fuel inflation, so we can rein in this out of control, runaway train caused by Joe Biden and Democrats in Washington.”

On the Biden administration passing the buck on inflation:

“I was back home in my district during the July 4th district work period, and families are suffering under this inflation crisis. Seniors are suffering. It’s not just the gas prices, which have doubled since Joe Biden took office, but it's going to the grocery store every week and seeing those prices tick up and up and up. This is the highest rate of inflation over the course of my lifetime.”

“[The Biden administration] called it a ‘high class problem.’ They called it ‘transitory.’ They’re trying to pass the buck. They blamed Vladmir Putin. They blamed the oil companies. They blamed the gas station owners. They blamed the American people.”

“The reality is, the American people are smart. They know it is a direct result of Joe Biden’s failed policies. That’s why they will be held accountable this November. Republicans not only are going to rein in out of control spending, but pass legislation like I’ve introduced to hold this administration accountable for their reckless executive actions.”

“The fact that Joe Biden, his press secretary, and his entire administration continues to stick their head in the sand – they’re out of touch with the hardworking people across this country.”

On House Republicans’ ‘Commitment to America’: 

“We’re looking forward to rolling out our ‘Commitment to America.’ This is based upon conversations and really us listening to the American people. 

“Number one, when it comes to the economy, making sure we stop the runaway spending, which is what has fueled this out-of-control inflation, pass legislation like the REIN IN Inflation Act. 

“When it comes to energy, unleashing American energy independence. We have seen under Joe Biden an absolute war on American energy independence. 

“On issues like education, a ‘Parents Bill of Rights.’ That’s very popular, again it shouldn’t be a partisan issue, Democrats have made it a partisan issue.”