Washington, D.C. – Today, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined Kudlow to discuss House Republicans’ commitment to upholding law and order as Far-Left Democrats’ soft-on-crime policies lead to skyrocketing crime across the country. Stefanik also called for a robust plan to be tough on China in the wake of their threats to America’s economic and national security.

Watch her full remarks here.

Below are highlights of her interview:

On Democrats’ crime crisis:

“We absolutely must support the police. House Republicans are going to focus in our commitment to America on safety and security, increasing our funding to law enforcement, making sure we’re not limiting their tools, that they’re allowed to do their jobs every single day. Absolutely going on offense against these failed bail reform policies, where, as even the Democrat mayor of New York says, ‘it’s catch, release, and repeat.’ We’re seeing that day in and day out in New York.”

On President Donald Trump’s speech discussing America’s crime crisis:

“I thought he was particularly effective at laying out this crime surge that we’re not only seeing in my home state of New York but really across this country, and of course, he laid out the importance of border security and how secure our border was under President Trump’s very successful border security policies versus this wide open border we’re seeing under Joe Biden.” 

“President Trump laid all that out, telling stories of 35-year-old woman who was stalked back to her apartment and brutally murdered, talking about the landscaper who was shot and killed after he blew a few blades of grass wrongly in a car going down the street. This was a small business owner who was murdered as well.”

On the national security risk posed by China:

“We should give China absolutely no concessions. We need to absolutely strengthen our supply chain and reduce our reliance on China.”

“We see it at the highest levels of the U.S. government and at the state and local government level. I’m on the House Armed Services Committee [and] the House Intelligence Committee, and we must have a robust plan to be tough on China – to not to give them any concessions, to use our leadership when it comes to trade, when it comes to tariffs, but also make sure in the national security space that we are leader on all these emerging technologies, quantum, artificial intelligence.”

“China has laid out their plan very publicly. They want to be the world leader. They’re trying to infiltrate government to do so.”  

“House Republicans are going to run and earn a historic majority, strengthening our economy. That means not only reining in inflation by stopping the spending, unleashing American energy independence, but also means fixing the supply chain, making sure that we’re working, making things in America. That we have strong trade policy with our allies, not with our adversaries like China.”