Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Elise Stefanik spoke to Caitlin Sinclair of One American News Network to highlight House Republicans’ plan to combat Big Tech and Big Telecom’s censorship of Americans. Stefanik also slammed the mainstream media’s refusal to cover the countless failures of President Biden and Democrat one-party rule in Washington. Last month, Stefanik cosponsored the Political BIAS Emails Act, which holds Big Tech accountable for using biased algorithms that filter political emails and works to increase transparency on the censorship practices used by Big Tech companies. 

Watch her full interview here.


Below is a transcript of her full remarks:

On Big Tech’s censorship of Republicans:

“We saw during the 2020 election cycles that it was Big Tech that censored, for example, the New York Post story regarding Hunter Biden's laptop, which was absolutely not disinformation – it was fact, and it took a year for the mainstream media to acknowledge that. But we saw telecom companies limit Republicans’ ability, for example, to send out text messages, which are sometimes the easiest way and most instantaneous way to reach voters where they are.”

“What we are focused on as House Republicans is holding Big Tech and holding Big Telecom accountable and making sure that they are not allowed to censor and have this politically biased approach to limit speech. I believe it’s un-American, and I believe it’s unconstitutional. These big companies, Big Tech and Big Telecom, have far too much power over determining whether they can make the decision of what Americans can read, see or hear.”

“It's not up to Verizon, to determine what American citizens – what information they can access. That's up to the consumer themselves, we need to return more to consumer rights. We need to return, frankly, to the Constitution, where there are protections for freedom of speech, where we stand against this ‘cancel culture’ that we're seeing at every level.”

On the mainstream media's bias:

“They are reiterating the talking points that the DNC and Democrat and Far-Left leadership are pushing out.”

“It's most obvious when you look at how the mainstream media is covering Joe Biden versus how they covered President Trump. You saw the mainstream media viciously attacking President Trump every day, and frankly, manufacturing controversies, manufacturing false news stories, and yet you have virtually no scrutiny of President Joe Biden. You have a mainstream media that is sweeping his deteriorating health under the rug.”

On House Republicans’ priorities:

“In my district and across America, people are concerned about the inflation crises, the energy crisis, the border crisis, the crime crisis, and really the Constitutional crisis. They are also concerned that Democrats in unified Washington – it’s one-party rule – they’re deeply out of touch and dismissive of the priorities and challenges of the American people. I think we are going to win back the House; we are certainly going to work hard to do that.”