Washington, D.C. Today, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined Life, Liberty, and Levin to discuss how Democrats are ignoring the real issues by continuing their sham January 6th hearing while American families face crisis after crisis due to Joe Biden and House Democrats’ failed Far-Left agenda. Stefanik also slammed the cover up of Hunter Biden’s illegal business dealings and laid out plans for House Republicans to investigate how much Joe Biden profited.

Watch part one of her interview here.

Watch part two of her interview here. 

Below are highlights of her interview:

On Nancy Pelosi’s partisan witch-hunt committee:

“For the first time in the history of the Congress, you have no ability for the minority party, in this case the Republicans, to appoint those members. Why is that important? It's important because there needs to be cross examination of witnesses, there needs to be a very close eye on all the evidence that is being presented.”

“We know now that there's edited excerpts, there's been edited text messages of Jim Jordan, there's been statements taken out of context, witnesses have come forward saying their statements have been taken out of context.”

“It's a partisan attempt by Nancy Pelosi for her handpicked members of Congress to go after President Trump and all Republicans, because they know that they're going to lose at the ballot box this November.”

“The Democratic head of the committee, Bennie Thompson, said at the start of this witch-hunt that everything is fair game, except for the Speaker of the House’s office. What's important and really telling about that is, we know, that the Speaker's office was made aware of potential threats, potential violence that day, they failed to do their job to ensure that Capitol Police had the support they needed to secure the Capitol.” 

“If this committee was focused on securing the Capitol, they would actually make sure that they are providing Capitol Police with the resources that they need and that they are making the updates that were recommended by the independent Inspector General. They have failed.” 

On the Biden Crime Family:

“When it comes to the illegal ties to crime that Joe Biden is directly involved in with his son Hunter, the American people deserve to know that – the fact that the mainstream media is participating in essentially a cover up of Hunter Biden's illegal relationships with China, his illegal relationships with other foreign adversaries and entities that he should not be involved with. And Joe Biden profited from that.”

“We intend to investigate. We've already made those document requests, and we're not going to hesitate when it comes to utilizing our subpoena power, because again, the American people deserve accountability and deserve an investigation into what I believe is the Biden crime family. You have the entire Joe Biden family profiting personally off of Joe Biden’s position when he was a sitting Vice President. That is unacceptable in America. Imagine if the Republicans ever did that. Democrats would be investigating absolutely every aspect of that. And yet, in this case, they look the other way.

“Joe Biden is not living by the rule of law. In fact, they're avoiding anything and having wide open amnesty policies that are not according to the rule of law, not according to what Congress passed, and it has been an absolute disaster.”