Stefanik Votes Against Inflation Expansion Act

Opposes Tax Increases on Middle Class, Army of IRS Agents

August 12, 2022

Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Elise Stefanik today voted against House Democrats’ Inflation Expansion Act as Americans continue to pay the highest prices in 40 years.

“As every family in Upstate New York and the North Country is suffering from the highest inflation in 40 years, I strongly opposed House Democrats’ radical spending bill that will raise taxes and crush hardworking families and small businesses. Today’s historic inflation is a direct result of reckless spending by one party Democrat rule in Washington, and as Democrats double down on their failed agenda to spend hundreds of billions more, they have made their priorities clear, and they are not for the American people. I will continue to stand up against reckless government spending and any tax increases, as well as work to rein in out-of-control inflation to bring down the price of gas and groceries.”

Stefanik has brought attention to the several provisions in this bill that are harmful to families in Upstate New York and the North Country, including how it will add 87,000 new IRS agents, increasing audits on middle class Americans and small businesses, raise taxes on millions of Americans across all incomes, and cut jobs in a recession.

The bill also wastes $350 billion on “Green New Deal” provisions that prioritize large cities over rural communities and would worsen the energy crisis by creating an American Energy Tax, which would make families pay more for gas and home heating. Additionally, this bill implements Socialist price control schemes for prescription drugs that will negatively impact seniors, patients, those with rare diseases, and their families by making new drugs more expensive, increasing costs at the pharmacy counter, and raising insurance premiums.