Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Elise Stefanik released the following statement on New York State’s $220 billion Far-Left budget:
“Kathy Hochul has given New York the most expensive budget in its history, which will ensure New York remains the highest taxed state in the nation. She is fueling the fire of New York's exodus because her budget will cause taxes to continue to increase and will exacerbate red tape that has been devastating to New York small businesses and families to fuel her Far-Left spending. She has proven her priorities are not for the people of New York but for radical, Far-Left special interest groups.
“Kathy Hochul failed to repeal New York State’s dangerous ‘bail reform’ policies that have fueled skyrocketing crime. She ignored my request to enact a dangerousness standard to allow judges thorough consideration when making release decisions. She has continued Albany's assault on our brave law enforcement officers.
“New York communities are suffering because of failed policies from Albany, and Kathy Hochul has only proven she is committed to making them worse. She is failing all New Yorkers.”
Stefanik has called on Governor Hochul to completely repeal New York’s failed bail reform and end the harmful fiber fee that has restricted broadband buildout.