5/27 COVID-19 Mid-week Updates and Information

May 27, 2020

  COVID-19 Mid-week Updates and Information

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FARMERS: USDA’s CFAP sign-up starts this week. Click here for more information.

Honoring Our Heroes on Memorial Day



While this year’s activities were a different way of honoring our Nation’s Fallen, we safely joined together as a community in the Towns of Chester and Adirondack/Horicon to honor the heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. North Country patriots have always been willing to defend our nation proudly and we will continue to honor them.

 Touring Construction Projects in Wilton



On Tuesday, I toured construction projects in Wilton with the Saratoga Chamber of Commerce and Belmonte Builders to see how our construction businesses are working hard to safely get back to work. We discussed critical issues as we restart our North Country economy and beat COVID-19.


Announcing Over $6,000,000 in USDA Rural Development Funding for the Village of Clayton

Today, I announced that the Village of Clayton will receive $5,872,000 in Water and Waste Disposal Loans and a $1,000,000 grant. This funding will be used to repair and replace the village’s Wastewater Treatment Facility and Collection System. This investment will assist the village in providing reliable sanitary sewer collection and treatment service to residents. I am excited to announce that the Village of Clayton will be receiving this significant funding in order to help them complete this important project. This USDA funding will provide safe and effective water treatment to the residents of Clayton. I am proud to support USDA Rural Development Funding each year, as it provides our rural communities with essential support to complete projects just like this one. I look forward to seeing the results that this funding will provide to Clayton. Read more here.


Urging Uninterrupted Operation of the H-2B Non-immigrant Seasonal Guest Worker Program

This week, I sent a letter to the Trump Administration urging the continued, uninterrupted operation of the H-2B program with the continued requirement that all employers only have access to it based upon their proven and certified need within the statutory cap. Many North Country seasonal businesses rely on the H-2B non-immigrants seasonal guest worker program to sustain the levels of work they need completed to stay in business. Reports that the Administration is considering suspending the issuance of H-2B visas are concerning. Seasonal businesses are a critical part of our North Country economy, and this potential suspension would have dire consequences for on these businesses during an already turbulent time. Read more here.

Introducing Legislation to Prioritize Biodefense Response and Prevention Planning

I am co-leading the RASPP Act, legislation to direct the Secretary of Health and Human services to clarify the national biodefense strategy and implementation plan that was included in the FY2017 NDAA. In February of this year, the Government Accountability Office released a report outlining several challenges and issues that could limit the long-term implementation of the strategy. I am co-leading this bill with Congressman Jason Crow (D-CO.) The COVID-19 crisis has illuminated the need for a comprehensive and clear biodefense strategy so that our nation is better prepared for future public health threats. This bipartisan bill directs the Secretary of HHS to clarify our national prevention strategy for public health issues like COVID-19 and other biodefense threats. Congress must prioritize a whole of government approach to ensure our nation not only has prevention plans, but that there are implementation strategies for these plans in place. I will continue to advocate for a national strategy to fight COVID-19 and other public health threats and to equip our healthcare workers on the front lines. Read more here.

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