Washington, D.C. – Today, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined Brian Kilmeade on Fox & Friends to discuss House Republicans’ plan to hold Democrats accountable for their failed agenda and save our country from the Democrats’ numerous crises.

Highlights from the interview include: 
On Republicans’ optimism to save America: 
“It's very optimistic for our prospects to win back the majority and save America.” 
“We know that we have a lot of work ahead to address the destruction and crisis after crisis in our unified, Far-Left government, whether it's the inflation crisis, the historic prices at the pump, people can no longer afford to fill their cars or pay for home heating bills. Or whether it's national security crises with the war on Ukraine or the skyrocketing crime crisis.”
“The American people know that they are looking for a different direction. And what are they seeing from the Democrats? Doubling down on their failed policies.”
“House Republicans are unified in providing an alternative and an agenda to help save our country.”
On Americans feeling the pain of Democrats’ failed policies:
“When I talk to voters in my district and across America, people are feeling the pain of inflation. They are feeling the pain of the price of energy, which is higher than it's ever been before because of the failed policies of Joe Biden and House Democrats.”
“We need to address that immediately. That means reining in the reckless trillions of dollars of spending that we’ve seen under Nancy Pelosi’s leadership as Speaker of the House.”
“In addition to the economy, crime, safety, and security impacts every neighborhood across America. And when you don't feel safe, you are not going to be able to invest in economic opportunity, travel, all these things that are important in this country, when you don't have the basic safety and security.”
On Republicans holding Democrats accountable: 
“We’re going to hold each Democrat incumbent accountable for their failed record of voting 99% of the time or greater with Nancy Pelosi, which has led to these crises that are impacting hardworking families across this country.”
“We also have ethical scandals of numerous House Democrats. If you think of Tom Malinowski in New Jersey, we’re going to make sure the voters know the truth about, again, not only about the failed policies, but who they've elected to office before on false promises.”