Washington, DC - Today, Congresswoman Stefanik joined House Republicans and Democrats in sending a letter to Acting Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, Norris Cochran, requesting he immediately restore access to lawful drug discounts under the 340B Program for hospitals and community health centers that are presently being refused the discounts by drug manufacturing companies.

Congresswoman Stefanik has long advocated for strengthening the 340B program, as every local hospital, community health center, and institution that serves vulnerable populations in New York's 21st Congressional District relies on it to provide better care at lower costs for North Country patients.

"I strongly urge the Biden Administration to take action against corporate drug manufacturers that are not complying with the obligations under the 340B Program statute, and therefore making it increasingly difficult for North Country hospitals to administer life-saving drugs at a discounted price to patients in need. The 340B Program is essential to providing better healthcare at a lower cost for North Country families, and I will continue to strongly advocate for it,” said Congresswoman Stefanik.

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