Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Elise Stefanik wrote an op-ed for the Daily Signal entitled: Despite COVID-19, US Can’t Afford to Cut Defense Spending.

“As countries across the globe struggle to cope with the human and economic costs of COVID-19, it is of grave concern that some in the United States have advocated for cuts to defense spending in order to focus on the response to the virus. This is a false choice.

COVID-19 is not the first or only global crisis that the United States has had to confront, and history demonstrates that America is able to respond simultaneously to crises without jeopardizing our national defense.

The United States has already responded with the largest economic rescue plan for individuals, families, and businesses in our nation’s history.

While we are 30 years removed from the Cold War, or 75 years from the last world war, the global landscape is more complex and increasingly dangerous. The war in Syria—or a virus in Wuhan—show that seemingly isolated crises have significant global consequences.”

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