Washington, D.C. – In case you missed it, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined Mornings with Maria on Fox Business to discuss Democrats’ partisan gerrymandering in New York State, the Biden administration’s worsening border crisis, and Democrats’ crime crisis.

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Highlights from the interview include:

On Democrats’ Partisan Gerrymandering:

“This is the Democrats wanting to protect themselves from their failing and falling poll numbers because of their failed agenda, whether it's the issue of the crime crisis in New York, whether it's raging inflation, or whether it's just frustration with one-party rule - the super majorities that Democrats have in Albany - but it is a disgrace.”

“We are hopeful that the judges will look at the constitutionality and not put politics to protect Democrats over the constitutionality and the lack thereof on these maps.”

On Biden’s Border Crisis:

“The border crisis is a result of Kamala Harris and Joe Biden's amnesty policies.”

“They have gone back to catch-and-release. They have gotten rid of the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy, and they have refused to complete the wall. This impacts not just border regions but as you talked about, every state, every community across the country because now we know that in the dark of night, in secret this administration is flying illegal immigrants to different parts of the country.”

“I represent multiple Border Patrol families who typically serve on the northern border who've been transferred over and over and over again to the southern border.”

“This is a crisis because of Joe Biden's failed policies. Amnesty is not the answer. The answer is a secure border and finishing the wall and making sure that we are actually making sure that we're deporting these illegal immigrants.”

On Democrats’ Crime Crisis:

“We have seen the spike in crimes, there has been a 500% increase in murders in New York City. This is what happens when you defund one-sixth of the NYPD.”

“I am pro-Second Amendment. We have seen this past year, there's been a significant increase in first-time gun purchases, because people do not feel safe and secure. They have that Constitutional right to make sure that they're able to own a firearm legally.”

“This is a crime crisis. This is not a Second Amendment crisis.”

“We will make sure that we have oversight when it comes to, for example, the flights of illegal immigrants. There's going to be lots of subpoenas that are issued if the Biden administration refuses to answer those questions.”

 “We will have robust plans when it comes to only providing federal funding to states that actually stand with law enforcement and stand for law and order, not these ridiculous D.A.s across the country who refuse to prosecute criminal actions.”