Washington, D.C. – Today, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined “Breitbart News Saturday” to discuss Speaker Pelosi’s sham, unconstitutional January 6th Committee and its upcoming political witch hunt hearing this week. Lame duck Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats continue to fail to address the countless crises facing the American people as a result of their Far-Left agenda.

Listen to her interview here.

Highlights of her interview include:

On the upcoming hearing for the sham January 6th Committee:

“We should expect that it continues to be Nancy Pelosi’s partisan, political witch hunt. This is unconstitutional. This Committee was not put together according to the rules of the House. There is no true legislative or oversight purpose. It is about smearing and punishing their political opponents.”

“All they care about is trying to take back the narrative, to try to target patriotic Trump supporters across the country and not even focus on the main issue, which is how we can make sure the Capitol has adequate security.” 

“They have failed to address that main issue, let alone the fact that they're doing absolutely no work to address any of the crises that the American people are facing, whether it's the inflation crisis, the sky high gas prices, the border crisis, the baby formula crisis. So it is going to be a circus, but it is a political witch hunt.”

On House Republicans’ priorities:

“They're not hosting any hearings on the border crisis, on the inflation crisis, on the crime crisis. They only hosted a baby formula hearing after I, as the leader of the House Republican Conference, blasted them from the steps of the U.S. Capitol because they were doing nothing.”

“I believe the Democrats know that a red wave is coming. They are doubling down, looking for any desperate attempt to try to change the narrative.”

“The American people are going to say, ‘This is what they’re focused on?’ This is, you know, them [Democrats] targeting their political opponents. Meanwhile, the American people are struggling to pay their grocery bills, to fill up their gas tank, to make sure their communities are safe. I do think this is going to politically backfire.”

“The American people are smart, they see through this. They want a Congress that's focused on the issues that matter to them, which is why we are working so hard as Republicans to earn their support, because we're going to address the inflation and rein in reckless spending. We're going to address the border crisis by securing the border and returning back to President Trump's very effective border security policies.” 

On the illegitimacy of the January 6th Committee:

“They are not following the resolution as it was passed.”

“Kevin McCarthy as the leader of Republicans appointed five Republicans to serve on the Committee. And in an unprecedented step, Nancy Pelosi stripped multiple of those Republicans from being able to serve on the Committee. Those are not her appointees. It's not her choice. But she took a step for the first time in the history of Congress to not allow Republicans to appoint their own members.”

“The only office that's off limits from this investigation or any type of question is Nancy Pelosi’s office. I was the Republican who led and said that first, and now, we know that it is the truth.”

“Mitch McConnell's office turned over all documents, all communications related to the security posture of the U.S. Capitol. Nancy Pelosi failed to do that, and refused to do that. Why? Because she is covering up, because there were concerns about security that were raised with Speaker Pelosi’s office.”

“The American people deserve to know why Nancy Pelosi isn't releasing those documents, and they deserve to know full transparency.”

On House Republicans’ plan this upcoming week:

“We're working very closely with President Trump and his team, with Leader Kevin McCarthy, with Jim Jordan, and really all of the House Republicans will be pushing back in a rapid response fashion.” 

“We will be setting the record straight. We will be telling the truth to the American people, sharing the facts and also really pointing out how unprecedented and unconstitutional and illegitimate this Committee is.”

“They have shredded Constitutional precedent. They have shredded Congress as an institution, and they are invading on the privacy, and really the speech and debate rights, of all these elected Members of Congress.” 

“I'm going to stand up for my constituents and the American people and continue to speak the truth and work with all of the House Republicans, with Kevin McCarthy, with Jim Jordan, to make sure that the facts are out there for the American people to know and expose what Nancy Pelosi does not want the American people to know.”

“If they want to provide excuses, which is what they always do to push back in the media, then turn over the documents. Where are the documents? Where are the communications, Nancy? Until she does that, we know that she bears responsibility.”