Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Stefanik released the below statement following the International Joint Commission (IJC) announcement that it will begin an expedited review and additional study of Plan 2014. Congresswoman Stefanik met with International Joint Commission Chairwoman Jane Corwin and Commissioner Lance Yohe last year regarding Plan 2014 and the continued water level issues facing our St. Lawrence River communities. She has consistently been in contact with the Commissioners regarding the implementation of Plan 2014 sharing feedback from her constituents. 

“Additional study of the implementation of Plan 2014 is needed to address significant water level concerns of our River communities and property owners,” said Congresswoman Stefanik. “I have been a consistent advocate for a balanced approach addressing the ongoing water level issues in our region and for the review of modifications and updates to Plan 2014, and I have continued to work in a bipartisan fashion to ensure the IJC has the necessary funding to start this process. I have heard directly from constituents impacted by rising water levels over the past year and have had the opportunity to see the flooding firsthand. I will continue to work with the IJC, local elected officials, stakeholders, and affected constituents to ensure that we address concerns of property owners and the community."

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