Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Elise Stefanik led 35 lawmakers in sending a letter to President Biden calling out his Department of Justice (DOJ) for appointing an Immigration Judge with an activist past that includes criticizing immigration enforcement officials. In the letter, Stefanik urged President Biden to remove her immediately.
Judge Carmen Maria Rey Caldas, who lived and worked in New York, was one of twenty-five Immigration Judges recently appointed by the DOJ.
“Judges should stand for the rule of law, but Judge Carmen Maria Rey Caldas’ activist past has proven she will not enforce our nation’s immigration laws,” Stefanik said. “No one who has spoken out against immigration enforcement, degraded ICE officials, or encouraged noncompliance of federal law enforcement should serve as an Immigration Judge, but Judge Rey Caldas has done all three. She will be nothing more than a rubber stamp for Democrats’ Far-Left agenda that has already created the worst border crisis in our nation’s history and made our communities more unsafe.”
“Since taking office, President Biden has undermined law and order, slandered our Border Patrol, and wantonly destroyed any semblance of security on our southern border. He has created chaos instead of defending Americans. With that in mind, we commend Rep. Stefanik for helping to root out the problem by leading the charge to remove Judge Rey Caldas who is an accomplice to President Biden’s lawlessness and openly encourages jurisdictions not to comply with ICE. Americans are angry at this Administration’s failure to do its job and support any effort to return to a border policy that stops putting Americans last. That starts by removing those who are unwilling to act in defense of Americans,” Garrett Bess, Vice President of Heritage Action said.
Specifically, Stefanik’s letter highlights that Judge Rey Caldas has:
  • Spoken out against immigration laws by tweeting for New York not to cooperate with immigration laws,
  • Demeaned Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers by saying about ICE officers, “These are just guys who are walking around with guns calling themselves law enforcement,” and
  • Promoted anti-law enforcement sentiments by amplifying a post that said immigration enforcement is “pointless” and agreeing that the post was “well said.” 
Immigration Judges act as representatives of the U.S. Attorney General and are responsible for deciding cases of illegal immigrants in various types of proceedings.
Read the full letter here.