Washington, D.C. – Today, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik participated in a House Armed Services Committee Hearing with General Milley and Secretary Esper, entitled “DOD Authorities on Civil Law Enforcement.” The Committee received an update from the Department of Defense on DoD’s authorities and roles related to Civilian Law Enforcement.

“In today’s House Armed Services Committee hearing with General Milley and Secretary Esper, I had the opportunity to ask them about force protection for our soldiers deployed in Afghanistan,” said Congresswoman Stefanik. “As the Representative for 10th Mountain Division soldiers, some of whom are currently deployed to Afghanistan, my first priority is their protection. I also am gravely concerned about the damage that illegal leaks to the media have done to our force protection and national security as a whole. It’s an honor to serve on the House Armed Services Committee and I will continue to ask questions important to the 10th Mountain Division and my entire district.”

Full video of Congresswoman Stefanik’s questioning can be found here and below.


  • Given some of the recent reports regarding Afghanistan – I represent military families and 10th Mountain Division soldiers who are currently deployed in Afghanistan – what are your comments on the Department’s commitment to force protection at all costs. That is one of my top priorities, whether it’s rebuilding military readiness, investing in training and equipment, and having the most exceptional verified intelligence out there. It’s important for families to know the lengths to which the Department goes to ensure we are protecting the safety and well-being of our deployed servicemembers.
  • We know, going years back, that Russia has meddled in Afghanistan, as well as other countries – counter to our commitments and strategic goals in the region, whether that’s Iran or China. I wanted to get your comment on that, because I think it’s important to consider that long-term impact rather than just this one illegal leak that has been covered in the media.
  • Can you discuss the damage that illegal leaks have on our ability to collect intelligence and on our force protection measures?

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