Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Elise Stefanik today voted to advance the bipartisan Formula Act (H.R. 8351) to suspend tariffs on infant formula to help alleviate the baby formula crisis.

“I voted in support of bipartisan legislation to address the inexcusable baby formula shortage and alleviate barriers to returning baby formula to shelves,” Stefanik said. “This baby formula crisis never should have happened, and the Biden administration should have taken action months ago, when I warned the FDA of this impending shortage in February. Today, Congress took an important step towards addressed the concerns of families across our nation who need to feed their babies.”

In February, Stefanik sent a letter calling on the FDA to address safety and supply concerns regarding baby formula following a recall of powdered formulas after reports of related illness in infants. Stefanik did not receive a response from the FDA to her initial letter until May 11, months after she sounded the alarm and well after Americans were suffering from this baby formula crisis. In May, Stefanik followed up and called on the FDA to provide a clear timeline for when baby formula inventory is expected to be sufficiently restocked as well as a long-term plan to minimize supply chain disruptions for baby formula.

In May, Stefanik voted to advance the Access to Baby Formula Act (H.R. 7791) to address the baby formula shortage and led the Babies Need Formula Now Act to increase the baby formula supply for parents as soon as possible.