Today, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik co-signed a letter to leadership requesting they immediately bring 13 bills focused on addressing mental health to the floor. Each of the bills passed in the 116th Congress with bipartisan support.

“Many concerning studies show that America is sadly facing a mental health crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The American people are suffering and as their Representatives, we must provide them with resources and support. I am proud to have co-sponsored and helped pass a few of these important bills addressing mental health last congress, and I join my colleagues in calling on leadership to bring them to the floor once again,” said Congresswoman Stefanik.

In the 116th Congress, Congresswoman Stefanik proudly co-sponsored H.R. 1646, the HERO Act, and H.R. 5572, The Family Support and Services Act. The other bills Congresswoman Stefanik requests be moved forward without delay are:

  1. HR 1109, the Mental Health Services for Students Act (Grace F. Napolitano, D-CA-32)
  2. HR 2466, the State Opioid Response Grant Authorization Act (David J. Trone, D-MD-06)
  3. HR 2519, the Improving Mental Health Access from the Emergency Department Act (Raul Ruiz, D-CA-36)
  4. HR 3539, the Behavioral Interventions Guidelines Act (Drew A. Ferguson, R-GA-03)
  5. HR 4564, the Suicide Prevention Lifeline Improvement Act (John Katko, R-NY-24)
  6. HR 4585, the Campaign to Prevent Suicide Act (Donald S. Beyer, Jr., D-VA-08)
  7. HR 4861, the Effective Suicide Screening and Assessment in the Emergency Department Act (Gus. M. Bilirakis, R-FL-12)
  8. HR 5469, Pursuing Equity in Mental Health Act (Bonnie Watson Coleman, D-NJ-12)
  9. HR 5619, the Suicide Prevention Act (Chris Stewart, R-UT-02)
  10. HR 5855, the Bipartisan Solution to Cyclical Violence Act (C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger, D-MD-02)
  11. HR 7293, the STAND UP Act (Scott Peters, D-CA-52)

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